Who We Are

Quantiam is a Canadian high technology company founded in 1998 by Dr. Steve Petrone with a focus to exploit the properties of materials at the nano-scale and smaller for energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and for life-cycle improvements of critical materials used in extreme operating environments.

Our new product teams strive for quantum leaps in innovation through exploiting unique properties of matter and bringing paradigm shifts to targeted market applications.

Our new products are built on sound scientific and engineering foundations, and are coupled with strong marketing and sales support to deliver unparalleled product quality, benefits and service to our customers.

The Quantiam Innovation Team

In a short period, Quantiam has built a significant critical mass of industrial scientists and engineers in Canada inclusive of 7 Ph.D.s, 3 M.Sc.s and 3 B.Sc.s, working at the leading edge of materials science and NanoTechnology in their respective fields.

Quantiam is a registered trademark of Quantiam Technologies Inc.

CAMOL™ is a registered trademark of BASF Qtech Inc.