Field Demonstration Trials

A. Operation within the Operating Envelope of Base Steel and Coating

CAMOL™ coated products are the first-ever coatings brought to market that if operated reasonably within the Operating Envelopes of both the base steel and the coating, provide their engineered properties for a full life cycle of 4-7 years depending on operating conditions.  To-date, 3 full-cycle field trials have been completed and fully autopsied satisfying the Operating Envelope requirements, two in ethane and one in naphtha (4.5 years and 7.5 years in ethane; 5.5 years in naphtha) with run-lengths at the end-of-life being near-equivalent to those at start-of-life, and benefits lifetime universally of at least 5 years.

B. Operation Outside the Operating Envelopes of Base Steel and/or Coating

In some field trials, intentionally or unintentionally, CAMOL™ coated coils have been operated outside the Operating Envelopes of the base steel, the coating or both, providing insight and mapping of performance limits in such stressed regimes.  CAMOL™ coated coils have been exposed to base steel temperatures >1,125°C and internal tube surface temperatures >1,200°C.  Results have shown that the CAMOL™ temperature coating limits on 35Cr-45Ni-Fe microalloyed and related steels essentially track the same temperature limits of the base steel and behave as the steel does under such stressed operation, namely, that if thermally stressed outside the accepted Operating Envelope of either the steel or the coating, lifetime is consumed at an accelerated rate.

C. New Learnings from Field Trials Driving New Products

More than ten furnace field trials have been completed or are in process both within and outside the Operating Envelope of base steel and coating.  Learnings have shown that thermal loading of the coated product beyond simple tube–metal-temperatures (TMTs) needs to be considered to secure the full life cycles of both the base steel and coating, given that the most critical of temperatures defining coating life is the internal surface temperature.

To address the needs of higher severity cracking furnaces and temperature-problematic areas of furnaces, Quantiam is advancing new products to add to its CAMOL™ product platform for operating severities greater than Medium.  For such higher severity cracking, amorphous coke-make regimes and furnace operations requiring higher thermal stability and overall greater severity capabilities, these new developments include:

  • CATALYTIC SGX Product: Super Gasification coating to 1,110+°C
  • INERT i-1300 Product: High Temperature coating with stability >1,200°C
  • High Heat Transfer Tubes

and are projected to advance to field trials commencing in late 2019, as shown in the schematic below.