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17 August 2022

August 17, 2022: Quantiam New Product Alert - Q-Tile extreme wear-resistant tile as Gen-2 with largest area and thickness available

Quantiam has advanced its new product Q-Tile for extreme wear-resistance to Gen-2 with the highest wear resistance, and largest area and thickness available globally.  It is a Made in Canada product, best-in-class.

  • Lowest wear rate, highest wear resistance available.
  • Largest area available globally at ~250 mm x 250 mm (10 in L x 10 in W).
  • Largest thickness range available globally at 6 mm to 25 mm thick (1/4 in to 1.0 in).

Link to Brochure: Quantiam New Product - Q-Tile Vacuum Fused Wear Resistant Tiles Brochure

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