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7 March 2016

March 2016:  Quantiam Consortium wins a $4.25M grant from SDTC for a $16.2M total CleanTech project.

Quantiam Consortium wins a $4.25M grant from SDTC ($16.2M total) to exploit Shale Gas economics for the Petrochemical sector producing Olefins (ethylene and propylene).

The Project aims to advance two new coating technologies for internal high temperature alloy tubulars used in Petrochemical furnace coils to manufacture olefins by steam hydrocarbon pyrolysis:

  1. An environmentally-friendly (lower energy and lower GHG emissions), novel Catalyst Coating technology for the Petrochemical sector exploiting new Shale Gas economics of low cost energy and low-cost feedstocks (ethane-propane-butane). The  new product targets the manufacture of olefins in High/Extreme severity operating regimes previously believed non-viable due to costs and extreme coke-make rates.  To meet Operating objectives, the new technology platform advances novel catalytic surfaces and targets energy and GHG emissions reductions per unit of olefin production of 10-14 %.
  2. A High/Extreme temperature inert internal tubular coating for those parts of a furnace operating circuit where a Catalyst Coating in (1) is not applicable or functional, and that can withstand internal tubular surface temperatures of up to 1,300°C attainable with air-based decoking, while retaining chemical inertness to filamentous (catalytic) coke-make after severe/extreme operational upsets. 



Link: https://www.sdtc.ca/en/MarchFundingAnnouncement

PDF: http://www.quantiam.com/images/uploads/SDTC_Government_of_Canada_Announces_Support_for_Clean_Technology.pdf


Edmonton Journal:

Link: http://edmontonjournal.com/business/local-business/innovation-minister-unveils-federal-dollars-at-alberta-enterprise-group-breakfast-in-edmonton

PDF: http://www.quantiam.com/images/uploads/Edmonton_Journal_-_Innovation_Minister_unveils_federal_dollars_at_Alberta.pdf


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