Introduction - What is CAMOL™

Introduction - What is CAMOL™

As the global leader in internal tubular and shapes coatings, Quantiam offers advanced Catalytic Coatings applied on the internal surfaces of steam cracker furnace tubes and fittings (coils), enabling the Catalytically-Assisted Manufacture of Olefins (CAMOL™) from a range of petroleum feedstocks.  The coatings improve operational profitability of steam cracker furnaces by:

  • Reducing carbon formation.
  • Increasing on-line production time and reducing decoke frequency.
  • Reducing energy requirements and GHG emissions.

The first commercial Catalytic Coatings are for the production of olefins, primarily ethylene and propylene.  CAMOL™ coatings are applied to meet the needs of different furnace design technologies, feedstocks, and operating cracking conditions.

CAMOL™ is a patented composite metallic-ceramic coating, which is deposited on the inner surface of the radiant tubes and fittings of a Petrochemical steam-cracking furnace which serves two main purposes:

  1. Inert Barrier, mitigating filamentous coke build-up.
  2. Catalytic Gasification, mitigating amorphous coke build-up.

Micrographs of the CAMOL™ Low-Catalytic Gasifier (LCG) coating are shown below.

CAMOL™=Catalytically-Assisted Manufacture of OLefins