Electrofuels (eFuels) are traditional fuels produced using renewable energy.  eFuels are climate neutral or negative and include liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons such as eMethanol, eGasoline, Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and non-carbon fuels such as Hydrogen and Ammonia.

Decoupling electricity generation from electricity demand, eFuels allow for the storage of renewable energy in the form of a drop-in chemical fuel.

When carbon is sourced from captured or biogenic CO2, the produced fuel is carbon negative. eFuels such as eMethanol and SAF are considered to be critical pathways to decarbonize emissions intensive sectors such as maritime transport and aviation.


The Alberta Advantage

Access to Oil, Gas, and CO2

Alberta has a unique intersection of:

  • Oil and bitumen resources
  • Natural gas resources
  • Solar resources
  • Wind resources
  • Captured carbon Dioxide

Excellent Access to Renewables

Green hydrogen production requires renewable electricity. Alberta has unparalleled solar potential in Canada.  Southern Alberta is also a hot spot for wind energy.