Trial Manufacturing Capabilities

Coating Application

Quantiam possesses extensive coating application capabilities from its best-in-class proprietary manufacturing processes for coating internal and external surfaces of complex shapes through to robotic line-of-sight application systems. Overall coating capabilities provide extreme throwing power and coating thicknesses from 50 microns through to 25 mm.

Quantiam is able to apply coatings to even the most complex of shapes, custom tailored to meet customer’s coating needs.

Vacuum Furnaces

Quantiam houses the largest Vacuum heat treatment furnaces in Western Canada.  Our furnaces are capable of reaching temperatures up to 1,300°C in high vacuum conditions, up to 120 ft3 in volume and 4,000 pound charge.



Internal Diameter

Maximum Load Length

Total Load


40 in.

192 in. (16 ft)

4,000 lbs


32 in.

102 in. (0.5 ft)

1,500 lbs


18 in.

24 in. (2 ft)

235 lbs


Surface Finishing


Powder Processing

  • Attritor technology with water cooled jacket with 200 lbs capacity and variable RPM
  • 3D mixers up to 65 lbs capacity with variable RPM
  • 30 inch classifiers with vibrasonic capabilities