Collaborating with Quantiam

Collaborative New Products Development

Quantiam has a track record of collaborative innovation as exemplified by the successful development and commercialization of the first NanoTechnology-based new product for the olefins manufacturing industry, Catalytically-Assisted Manufacture of Olefins (CAMOL™) currently manufactured and marketed worldwide.  By collaborating and partnering with leaders in the fields of Petrochemicals-Chemicals, Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy, our internal capabilities and expertise are complemented with those of our partners.  These partnerships minimize development and commercialization risks and maximize the value of the technologies and new products being developed to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Investments in Innovation

We know first-hand what it is like to start a private-sector high-technology company and appreciate the time, the effort, the resources required, and the often difficult road to success.  Our Quantiam Seed Investments in Innovation Program can provide entrepreneurs with initial investment, and, if appropriate, Quantiam will nurture and incubate advanced materials-based companies with access to expertise, experience and world-scale R&D and piloting facilities.  Quantiam can also participate in later stage financing of more advanced technology business opportunities. 

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