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April 2019 Hart Energy E&P

Hart Energy Exploration & Production, Volume 92, Issue 04, April 2019, pp. 50 – 52

“Testing internal wear-resistant coatings in production tubing”, David Waldbillig, Shoma Sinha, Robert Deuis, and Steve Petrone (Quantiam Technologies Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada)

2019 North American Artificial Lift Conference

North American Artificial Lift Conference (Houston, TX, March 7 – 8, 2019, Presentation)

Quantiam presented the results of more than 4 years of field trials of its Q-Tough wear resistant coatings for production tubing.  Coated production tubes were installed in 44 wells in the Bakken region of North Dakota, resulting in increased runtimes of 3X to 4X to-date, with no coating related failures and no indication of any installed tubing reaching their end-of-life.

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2014 Society for Petroleum Engineer’s Workshop

Society for Petroleum Engineer’s Workshop (Austin, TX, April 2014, Paper)

Quantiam presented a paper to the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s workshop entitled “Innovative Internal Coatings for HPHT Environments – Field Testing for the Future”. The paper focused on Quantiam’s platform coating technology for internal surfaces of tubulars with emphasis on enhancing the service performance of production tubing used in shale/tight oil production.

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2010 AIChE Spring National Meeting

22nd Ethylene Producers’ Conference (San Antonio, TX, March 21-25, 2010, Paper 88a)

“Catalytically-assisted Manufacture of Olefins (CAMOL™): Year-(4) Update on Commercial Furnace Installations”, Steve Petrone, Robert L. Deuis, Fuwing Kong and Peter Unwin (Quantiam Technologies Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada).

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2008 AIChE Spring National Meeting

20th Ethylene Producers' Conference (New Orleans, LA, April 6 – 10, Paper 133c)

"Catalytically-Assisted Manufacture of Olefins (CAMOL™): Realizing Novel Operational Benefits from Furnace Coil Surfaces" , Steve Petrone, Yan Chen and Robert Deuis (Quantiam Technologies Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada); Les Benum and David Gent (NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Red Deer, AB, Canada); Randy Saunders and Chi Wong (NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Calgary, AB, Canada).

NOVA Chemicals and Quantiam Technologies have undertaken a development effort of a novel materials technology aimed at realizing operational advantages with use in olefins manufacturing furnace coils previously unattainable with other methods.

It is well recognized in the industry that coil internal surfaces can negatively impact furnace operational efficiency with unwanted surface catalytic processes leading to coke fouling and other well-established negative impacts on the overall cracking process. The CAMOL™ technology approach recognizes this potential of the coil surface significantly impacting the process, and aims to utilize these coil surfaces to provide a positive and beneficial catalytic impact on the process through the use of catalytic coatings with engineerable functionality.

This paper will define targeted product properties and benefits, and provide an update on laboratory and field results generated to-date.

A 7-year development effort is near-completion and the product has been in commercial-scale field testing since 2005 with furnace trials underway in a broad range of feedstocks and furnace designs. Field trials are continuing through 2008 to map out the range of operational latitude provided by the technology, and to quantify operational benefits that can be achieved.

*The CAMOL™ technology development is being funded in part by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and Industry Canada - Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC).

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